Because I Can't Be Everywhere....                              Dana Clark

                                                                               July 2018

Here where I live I teach Haya to sing                                              “                  "Together We Can Change the World.”

Each time we sing it we make it true, and this truth brings us hope.
(Though bullets rip streets in Syria and airstrikes destroy apartments.)

And I have taught Dar Moo to sing “Peace Like a River”
And singing it together, we have come to know that peace.
(While in Myanmar villages burn as families flee with their children.)

And I am teaching Musia to sing “Lean On Me.”
By learning to sing it with each other, we have learned to trust
(Even though in Eritrea those who endure forced labor are tortured.)

And I can teach Amira to sing “Only Love Can Do That”
And we will share loving kindness as we practice what we sing.
(While the guards prey on women and children in Iraqi camps.)

As I sing with Haya and Dar Moo and Amira and Musia
Hope and peace, love and trust, resound through the web of relationships
     that binds our planet's seven billion souls as one.
Those who can help are inspired.  Comfort flows to those in pain.

For a small stone can cast wide ripples,
The wing of a butterfly can launch a hurricane,
And the universe is holographic...
     With each part connected to the whole,
     And the whole in every part.