It's easier than you think!

Lessons tailored to your learning style and goals!

I've been teaching private music lessons for thirty-six years.  Children and adults are welcome!  

No one activity engages as many parts of the brain as music.  New pathways are created that

 improve an individual's functioning in other areas, like math and language arts. 

It's not true that adults cannot learn music.  Adults learn differently than children, and in many

 cases can make rapid progress because they can generalize from one context to another.  

I find it especially rewarding to help a student of any age apply what they have

 learned on one instrument to learning a second instrument.  For instance the transition

 from playing guitar to piano can be very straightforward.  What is 

learned on the second instrument improves skills on the first instrument.


Lessons are available for piano, guitar, flute, recorder, ukulele, music theory, and songwriting.  

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