Anger Can Be So Seductive 
Copyright 2008 Dana Clark 

I have been told by counselors that they have used this song in anger management classes!   

In live performances, I introduce it as a "mental health moment."

CHORUS: Anger can be so seductive 
Anger can be so destructive 
Give it up 
Let it go 
Anger tries to make you feed it 
Anger—Trust me. You don't need it! 
Give it up 
Let it go 
Anger makes it hard to think 
And anger brings you to the brink 
Give it up 
Let it go 
Anger—sometimes it seems exciting 
But in the end, it's so misguiding 
Give it up 
Let it go 


VERSE: When the problem is inside us and we cannot bear to look 
Getting mad at someone's easy, and it gets us off the hook 
When we take it to the limit and our ego hits the wall 
When we're bouncing off the bottom and we end up feeling small 
We can think about the thing they said that made us feel so bad 
We can blame them for the way we feel when we let them make us mad 
But say goodbye to anger and we've got a chance to grow 
Give it up. Let it go.  



VERSE: We use it on our enemies. We use it on our friends 
We keep passing it around and somehow anger never ends 
When we get mad at home we hurt the ones that we love best 
Sure, we get over it, but then we're cleaning up the mess 
Our children learn it from us and someday they pass it on 

So our anger keeps on hurting them long after we are gone 
Let's teach them love so anger's not the only thing they know 
Give it up. Let it go. 



We get mad at the government. We get mad at the boss 
And if we never stop and think then we may never count the cost 
But trade anger for forgiveness and we lay those burdens down 
We can take that energy and work to turn the world around 

We can reach out to a child in need or heal a broken heart 
We can make a friend or write a song. Create a work of art 
Yes, when we are done with anger we can let forgiveness flow 
Give it up. Let it go. 



Soon He’ll Take Flight 
Copyright Dana Clark and Kevin Lewis 

He’s got a favorite pair of jeans and hair that hides his face 
He’s can’t wait to outgrow his teens and take his rightful place 
He’s building his identity around his new guitar 
He’s not sure where he’s headed but he’s certain he’ll go far 

He’s younger than he looks but he’s older than he acts 
He’s sure about his attitude, confused by all the facts 
He’s full of dreams and dangers and puzzled by the world 
Intrigued by pretty strangers but he’s scared of all the girls 

CHORUS: Though sometimes he feels fragile, 
He grows stronger by degrees 
Unsure of who he is, he’s testing personalities 
He grows into his shoe size as he’s reaching for his height 
He’s a rocket on the launching pad 
Soon...he’ll take flight 

He falls in love with someone new almost every day 
His hopes are high as heaven but his feet are made of clay 
The heart that’s hanging on his sleeve he can’t quite give away 
For if she loves him back he turns and runs the other way 


BRIDGE: His mama thinks he’s handsome. His friends all say he’s cool 
He makes his own decisions and he loves to break the rules 
He defies all definition for he’s changing day to day 
His future is unfolding. Don’t you dare get in his way 



You Just Might Be Surprised 
Copyright 1998 Dana Clark 

VERSE: You have never known someone like me 
I have never met someone quite like you seem to be 
We may never share a point of view 
But imagine for one moment you can step into my shoes 

CH: Let my words paint you a picture of how life looks to me 
Then I'll listen while you tell me how you've struggled to be free 
If we can learn to see the world through someone else's eyes 
We just might be surprised 
We just might be surprised 

VERSE: We may never have this chance again 
We could open up, speak our minds, call each other friend 
I promise I will listen with my heart 
And looking in your eyes I will discover who you are 


VERSE: Reaching out to you might bring me pain 
But if we take the risk there's so much we might gain 
Remembered joy to treasure through the years 
And a memory flavored with the taste of someone else's tears 



Disguised As Poetry 
Copyright Dana Clark 

Most of us have wondered how the universe began 
Some claim a cosmic accident. Some say a holy plan 
The facts alone will never fill the hunger of our hearts 
We long to comprehend this world of which we are a part 

CHORUS: With parable and metaphor the ancient tales are told 
As we listen all the wisdom of the past unfolds 
A myth is humankind's response to boundless mystery 
Each story bears a seed of truth disguised as poetry 

The people near the islands say the world began with waves 
People near the sun say it was light their god first gave 
Many souls in every age who've tried to understand 
Found comfort in believing we were made by loving hands 

When children ask their questions they deserve to hear the truth 
So we must find a way to make the oldest stories new 
And they need time to wonder, time to question on their own 
For there are many answers they can only find alone 



You Resurrect Yourself 
Copyright Dana Clark 

VERSE: No one seems to see your pain 
You’re too ashamed to ask for help 
Sometimes you think you are to blame 
There’s no one you can trust to tell 
You’re despairing. You’re defeated 
A victim with no voice 
Then just when you’ve lost your last hope 
You find you have a choice 

CHORUS: Then you resurrect yourself 
From the ashes of your dreams 
You slowly work a miracle 
Though it’s harder than it seems 
Patiently you seek a way 
To restore your battered soul 
You claim the fragments of your life 
You learn to take control 
Once you were broken 
Now you’re whole 

VERSE: Your sorrow strips you to the bone 
And leaves your naked heart to mourn 
You struggle hard to stand alone 
You labor long to be reborn 
For each burden that you carry 
You must climb ever higher 
Your spirit stronger since it has been tempered by the fire 

CHORUS: As you resurrect yourself….

VERSE: Against all odds, your scars have healed 
And you’ve remembered how to laugh 
What you have won you’ll never yield 
A champion in your own behalf 
Your goals grow ever clearer 
Your mind seems twice alive 
You’re empowered knowing you can face the worst 
And you’ll survive 

CHORUS: For you resurrect yourself….