Apparent Paradox

Copyright 2015 Dana Clark

(Not yet recorded)


The warmth of home delights us most when there's a storm outside

A smile shines out more brilliantly with every tear that's cried

The dissonance in music makes a harmony sound sweet

Our victories seem greater after we have known defeat


When losing what we love the most leaves what we love the least

We cling tighter to the very thing we struggle to release

And when we've lost it all we learn what we have to give

When we know what we'd die for we discover how to live


CHORUS: We're a walking contradiction, an apparent paradox

A mix of the ideal and what was in Pandora's box

We're as crazy as we're sane.

We're common, we're strange

We think we understand ourselves...then ...we... change


VERSE: We never know how brave we are until we've been afraid

We don't know who we should distrust until we've been betrayed

The brightest sunrise dawns once we have faced the darkest night

We think we strive for peace and yet we escalate the fight


We cannot have the joy of being found 'til we've been lost

We pay the price and still refuse to calculate the cost

And when we face the famine and our last brave hope has ceased

Still we'll set the table and prepare to serve the feast




BRIDGE: There's no day without night, no wrong without right

Yang requires yin. Virtue needs sin

Agreement ends strife. Death completes life

Strangers and friends have beginnings and ends




BRIDGE #2: We're early, we're late, We love and we hate

We're clear, we're confused. We're users, we're used.

We're last and we're first, the best and the worst

We're foolish and wise. It's true, we tell lies



BRIDGE #3: (continue and fade) There's shadow and light, there's black and there's white

There's pleasure and pain, There's loss and there's gain

There's faith and there's doubt. We're in and we're out.

We're hot and we're cold. We're young and we're old