Love's Lesson Learned

An Allegory

Once upon a time a woman stood on a street corner waiting for the light to change.  When it turned green she started to cross the road.  As she neared the halfway point, a large truck ran a red light and hit her at full speed, causing life-threatening injuries. 

After a long time in the hospital, and a long time recovering at home, she was finally able to walk again.  While her body was healing she often thought about her accident, wondering again and again why the truck driver had not noticed her.  Why hadn't he put on his brakes?  Just in case she was ever in that situation again, she tried to imagine what she could do to catch the driver's attention in time.

Eventually she gathered the courage to stand again on that same corner, certain that this time she would be able to cross safely.  When the light turned green she cautiously stepped off the curb.  Once again the truck came at her.  This time she leaped into the air, waving her arms so the driver would notice she was right in his path.  It made no difference at all, for the truck hit her at full speed. 

During the many months she spent recovering she devoted her time to analyzing the situation from every angle, desperately trying to find a solution.  After a long time she healed enough to try to cross the road another time.  Again she was hit by the truck, and the cycle repeated itself.

She spent years attempting to cross that same road—trying many different strategies to help the driver realize what he was doing wrong.  She dressed in bright colors.  She had her hair done and purchased a nicer wardrobe.  She learned to keep smiling even on a bad day.  She worked to develop a better relationship with him, showering him with so much love and attention that she felt certain he would want to avoid running her down.  She gave all she was able to give, imagining each time that she had succeeded, only to be disappointed.  Through it all, she kept dreaming of the day she would finally make it to the other side of the street uninjured.

After exhausting her resources in her search and eliminating all possible solutions she finally took a long look at him.

That’s when she realized he had been born without eyes. 

She never again stepped in front of the truck.

He still drives as recklessly as ever.  She watches safely from a distance, filled with compassion for him, but at last acknowledging that she was unable to overcome his limitations.

Dana Clark