It's Like the Aliens Have Landed

Copyright Dana Clark 2019

VERSE: If a space ship came here from a distant galaxy someday

And small green creatures had a plan to blow us all away

They might burn down all our forests, poison water, poison air

Turn our croplands into deserts and drown us in despair


CHORUS: It's like the aliens have landed and they want to wipe us out

And put an end to life on earth the way we know it

This global warming can be so much worse, of that we have no doubt

We've got to save the planet, folks, before we blow it.


VERSE: They'll say the aliens aren't real. Why even experts disagree

And those solutions you propose will end up costing me

The media exaggerates. There isn't any threat

And it's someone else's problem 'cause it hasn't hurt me yet


VERSE: The rest of us will organize, we'll strategize and plan

We'll muster every resource. We'll do everything we can

We can't afford to fail because there is no Planet B

If we don't rescue Mother Earth who'll rescue you and me?