Personal transformation is made easier with a supportive group of peers.


Copyright Dana Clark 2015


CHORUS: Here in this circle your heart can learn to sing


And that song can ring through the endless sky


Here in this circle it's safe to spread your wings


We will lift you up


We will lift you up


We will lift you up 'til you can fly


VERSE: The light I feel within me is the light I see in you


We're more complete because we're not alone


The answers you are seeking are the same ones I pursue


We'll journey on together as we grow...CHORUS



VERSE: Teaching as we're learning with the help of other minds


Guiding as we're guided to explore


Trusting we can freely share the deepest truth we find


Hopeful, ever eager to learn more...CHORUS



VERSE: This voyage of discovery leads us on as it unfolds


Studying the wisdom of the past


We search to find what's missing as we seek to be made whole


United by the questions we must ask...CHORUS