Trust Your Heart to Lead You Home 
Copyright  2003  Dana Clark 

When you began this journey you were sure how it would end 
So you found the faith to follow, though the road would often bend 
But now you've lost direction. There's nowhere you can turn. 
And from this crossroads, all you see are bridges you have burned

CHORUS: Trust your heart to lead you home. 
Find a path that's yours alone. 
Listen to the voice inside you. 
It will grow in strength to guide you. 
Trust your heart to lead you home. 

Home is not the place you started from. 
It's a place you're reaching for 
When you stretch beyond yourself to find a harbor in the storm. 
A dream will be your compass. Your passion is your guide 
Sometimes you will have to crawl, but sometimes you can fly. 


Like a painter with her canvas or a sculptor with his clay, 
Your life takes shape beneath your hands as you work through each day. 
You create a fabric with the threads of love you hold. 
A tapestry of memory to warm you when you're cold. 



Most Miracles Are Made 
Copyright 2004 Dana Clark 

When a dream is calling you to step beyond your reach,  
Does it call you with a whisper or a shout? 
As you race toward the future seeking all that life can teach,
How can you outdistance every doubt? 

CHORUS: Take your courage in both hands.  
Keep walking toward the brightest star. 
Chart the course your heart demands. 
The smallest steps will take you far. 
Standing in the mountain’s shade 
You will know how you must climb, 
The way most miracles are made, 
By taking one step at a time. 

An inner voice will guide you from one challenge to the next.
The message in a dream can point the way.  
Sometimes once you glimpse the goal you must pursue the quest,
Though all the world may think you’ve gone astray. 


A seed lies dormant in the earth before it starts to grow.  
Its nature is to blossom and bear fruit. 
As sometimes we may hesitate when facing the unknown 
But our nature is to journey toward the truth. 

Can you sense the moment when your life begins to change?  
When a random spark ignites a raging fire? 
And as the flames grow higher do familiar sights seem strange?
As you watch your safety burn upon the pyre?


The Pleasure of My Pain 
Copyright 2003 Dana Clark 

He didn’t mean to hurt me.   
He’s under so much stress. 
And then the kids disturbed him when he tried to get some rest. 
He doesn’t mean the things he says; he speaks before he thinks. 
I’m really not afraid of him unless he starts to drink. 
There must be something wrong with me—that’s why he complains. 
I know he loves me.  How could he find pleasure in my pain? 
I know he loves me.  How could he find pleasure in my pain? 

Some days it seems like everything I say or do is wrong. 
I try to keep things quiet, and I try to get along. 
But every time he needs to win, he makes sure that I lose. 
I give him what he wants.  It’s so much worse if I refuse. 
I make excuses for him, but I live my life in chains. 
And I’m starting to suspect he must find pleasure in my pain. 
I’m starting to suspect he must find pleasure in my pain. 

I work to make him happy, but it’s to no avail, 
For he works even harder to make certain that I fail. 
I’m ready to admit I might be better off alone, 
But does that really matter when my children need a home? 
My family says I shouldn’t leave, but how can I remain? 
Now I know that he’s addicted to the pleasure of my pain. 
I know that he’s addicted to the pleasure of my pain. 

I’ve found a safe place we can go. I know what I must do. 
I’ve set aside some money, and my friends will help me, too. 
He always told me if I left him I would not survive, 
But now the kids are older.  I know somehow we’ll get by. 
Then he won’t hurt me anymore and I won’t be ashamed. 
For no one has a right to the pleasure of my pain. 
No one has a right to the pleasure of my pain
No one has the right
No one


Rise and Take a Stand 
Copyright 1998 Dana Clark 

We are a family 
The human family 
We are in trouble
Can we survive
When so many of our children
Struggle just to stay alive
Can you see their frightened eyes
Rise and take a stand 
Lend a helping hand 

Our brother's hungry 
Our sister's homeless
Our daughter's dying
Our son's at war
It's a desperate situation 
Like we’ve never faced before 
Rise and take a stand 
Lend a helping hand 

The world we’re making 
Will be our children’s 
Will be their children’s 
On and on forevermore 
Will it be a peaceful planet? 
Will it be a world of war? 
We can make it so much more
Rise and take a stand 
Lend a helping hand 

When we help someone 
To help another 
To help another 
That helps us all 
When so many people need you 
Can you hear them when they call? 
Can you catch them when they fall? 
Rise and take a stand 
Lend a helping hand 


Truth Cannot Be Spoken 
Copyright 2004 Dana Clark 

CHORUS: Truth cannot be spoken.  
It hides between the lines.  
We can glimpse it in a painting, and some songs can give us signs.
But our search for certainty does not need logic, wants no proof.  
For truth is in the metaphor.  
We’re poets of the truth. 

The images that we absorbed when we were innocent   
Guide us every moment and provoke our discontent. 
Each pattern leads us differently, so carefully we choose, 
For once we’re lost in webs of words we’re ever more confused. 


An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth may not be what we seek,  
But we can make another choice and we can turn the other cheek. 
Those ancient voices haunt us with “you should, you ought, you must,” 
But with my words I warn you that these words we cannot trust. 


We bear the burden of our doubts, the blessings of our minds, 
But no single set of rules work for all people for all time. 
With open hearts and open minds we search for what is true. 
But nets of words can’t catch the light that guides our every move.


World of Justice, World of Peace 
Copyright 2003 Dana Clark 

I want to give my children a world that’s safe in every way. 
But now the radio reports new dangers every day. 
Within this world of war, my only weapon is a song. 
All alone I’m not strong enough to right what’s wrong. 

CHORUS:  But if we walk hand in hand, and we work side by side, 
If we join heart to heart ‘til we see eye to eye, 
Then all the dreams we dream will be reality, 
In a world of justice, a world of peace. 

Can we be sure of freedom when so many are not free? 
Why do some have plenty while some live in poverty? 
We grow so tired of the struggle because the problems never end. 
But in each other’s eyes, we find the faith to try again. 

CHORUS:  For when we walk hand in hand… 

Seven billion of us on a planet that’s so small. 
Someday we may realize we’re family after all. 
And when we reach out to heal each other, set each other free, 
We’ll find only sisters, brothers, not one enemy. 

CHORUS:  Then we will walk hand in hand...


Love is a Two-Way Street 
Copyright 1998 Dana Clark 

Why don’t you move it over, baby 
You’ve been crowding me so long 
You tell the same old story 
You sing that same old song 
And yet every time I need you 
You go and hand me some excuse 
Here lately I’ve been wondering 
Honey, what’s the earthly use 
I’ve been trying to make you listen 
I’ve been trying to make you see 
That love is a two-way street 
It’s a two-way street 

You claim you know the way I’m feeling 
You say this heartache’s nothing new 
When it comes to grief and sorrow nobody knows like you 
You say the way we’re living has been causing so much pain 
You wonder how much longer your old heart can stand the strain 
You’ve been trying to make me listen 
You’ve been trying to make me see 
That love is a two-way street  
It’s a two-way street 

Well, now I think I get the picture 
I can see what’s going on 
It always takes us both to make love go so wrong  
Lately, when I’m lost and lonely you’ve been hurting just as much  
And we live without the comfort of that tender loving touch 
But now I’ll give you  what you want, Babe 
If you give me what I need 
‘Cause love is a two-way street 
It’s a two-way street


Chicago Boogie
Copyright 2004 Dana Clark