From the recording You Know It Might Be True

Why should you imagine that there are no open doors
When you know it might be true...that the universe is yours


You Know It Might Be True
Copyright 2003 Dana Clark
Is life a battle to be won or is life the greatest gift?
Must you be a big success or else be cast adrift?
Will you be a loser, if you are not a star?
No, life's an invitation. You can come just as you are.
CHORUS: It's a feast for the senses.
It's a banquet for the soul
It's an ocean of blessings.
Diving in will make you whole.
Why should you imagine
That there are no open doors
When you know it might be true
That the universe is yours
Surrounded as we are by love
we sometimes feel alone.
And in the midst of plenty
hunger haunts our very bones
Though our lives have no limits
we still struggle to be free
The world is bathed in beauty.
Sometimes we’re too blind to see
With purest air around us
are we fighting for each breath
And in the safest place of all
do we fear the face of death?
We search in vain for heaven
when the signs are all around
It's not some day. Not far away.
It's here and it's right now.


All instruments recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studio, Floresville, TX.
Kevin Lewis: Bass. Kevin Hernandez: Drums and percussion.
Vocals recorded by Dana Clark in her home studio.  Final mix by Brant Sankey.