From the recording The Power of Intention


The  Power  of  Intention
Copyright 2007 Dana Clark

My will is so strong that I can bend the universe to suit me.

Every morning before I rise, in those precious moments when my mind is most open,
I set my intentions for the day.
Those intentions chart a course through the rushing river of hours that follow
And every time I lift my foot to take the next step
A dry stone appears perfectly placed to support my foot above the rapids.

So it was that I began my single-minded search for you, my daughter.
Nothing else mattered but that I find you
Nothing could stop me.
Was my life hanging by a thread?
It did not matter
Was there no safety net?
No importa.
Was my only partner untried and uncertain at best?
I was undaunted.

And yet there was one final test of my determination.
A clear choice was placed before me,
And in spite of all the evidence to the contrary
I suddenly knew in my most secret self
That for one moment I had the power to reach through the veil and pull the tiny seed of your life into the aching void of my body.

I did not hesitate.
And it is of no consequence that the way would be more difficult than I’d dreamed.
My reply had been given long before the question was asked,
And “Yes” was the only answer I had to the only question that mattered.

And what do you remember of that moment?
When I reached beyond the veil and you saw me searching,
What made you choose me?

Isn’t it obvious by now?
You recognized yourself in me
You knew that since our spirits are so much the same,
You could become my message to the future
The extension of my heart,
The part of me that would carry forth a vision.

Don’t you feel it stirring within you now?
It does not matter that I paint with sound and you make symphonies with images.

You can bend the universe to suit you.

Nothing can stop you.

You were my first miracle.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studio, Floresville, TX.

Dana Clark: Voice. Kevin Lewis: Guitar.