Mama's Got New Shoes 
Copyright 1979 Dana Clark 

VERSE: Mama's got new shoes 
And her eyes are shining, shining 
Mama shook her blues 
And she stopped her crying, crying 
She's making up for lost time 
Looking so good 
Feeling so fine 

CHORUS: Now she's got new shoes 
New shoes 
She's romancing, dancing 
Now she's got new shoes 

VERSE: Mama's been staying home feeling low 
Crying real tears and blowing her nose 
Singing sad songs about loneliness 
Sleeping alone, looking a mess 


BRIDGE: Mama, you're really changing your style 
You traded those tears for a big, bright smile 
Daddy may not love you like he used to do 
But he's not the only daddy for you 


VERSE: Mama's been digging this living alone 
Having so many callers on the telephone 
She turned his picture face to the wall 
And ever since she's been having a ball 


She's got new shoes. She's stepping out!