My Very Best Four Legged Friend

Copyright 2018 Dana Clark


There’s someone I adore who loves me just the way I am

He’s my true companion and I’m his biggest fan

I’m the center of his life, and he’s my lucky star

I know he’ll be true to me, he’s given me his heart


CHORUS: He’s my four legged friend

My four legged friend

A friend to the end

My very best four legged friend


We have an understanding that goes beyond mere words

So much I’ve left unspoken he still seems to have heard

And if I hurt his feelings, he forgives me right away

On days when I'm unbearable, he still thinks I'm okay



BRIDGE: It’s true sometimes he’s messy

Sometimes he makes mistakes

But he never asks me where I’ve been

Even when I’m late


He’s handsome, he’s intelligent, as brave as he is bold

His eyes express the wisdom of a wise and gentle soul

He’s faithful and affectionate, he’s cuddly and he’s sweet

I try to be as good to him as he has been to me