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Trust Your Heart to Lead You Home - CD of Dana's original compositions


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Songs include:

 Trust Your Heart to Lead You Home

Listen to the voice inside you.  It will grow in strength to guide you.

Most Miracles Are Made by taking one step at a time.

Leap of Faith--Next time you hit that brick wall and you stand there alone, Listen to that old familiar feeling in your bones.

Rise and Take a Stand--We are a family.  The human family.  Working together, we will survive.

World of Justice, World of Peace--We will walk hand in hand, We will work side by side, We will join heart to heart 'til we see eye to eye

Something to Believe--The quiet voice of conscience is a friend we learn to trust.

Singing the Same Song--When our hearts lead us to make different choices, we're singing the same song with different voices.

Truth Cannot BeSpoken--It hides between the lines.  You can glimpse it in a painting and some songs can give us signs.

Pleasure of My Pain--No one has a right to the pleasure of my pain.  No one.

Love Is a Two Way Street--I'll give you what you want, Babe, if you give me what I need.

Also includes Dana's solo instrumental interludes on piano, guitar, Lakota flute and sopranino recorder...

 Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James Sanders of Location Sound Design, San Antonio, TX. Dana Clark: Vocals, piano, guitar, flute, Lakota flute. Kevin Lewis: Guitars, bass. Julie Newberry: Drums and percussion, Phil Dalmolin: Drums.