Dana Clark Music


Anger Can Be So Seductive

Any Road Will Lead You There

Apparent Paradox

Back Up, You're Standing Too Close to the Mirror

Call It Synergy

Disguised As Poetry

Eight Ball


Getting to Zero, Song for World Aids Day

Give Up Illusion

Good Day, Mr. Gooday

Hallelujah for the Earth

Homemade Dresses and Homemade Songs

In Praise of the Crone

Interlude:  Guitar

Interlude:  Lakota Flute

Interlude:  Piano

Leap of Faith

Love is a Two Way Street

Mama's Got New Shoes

Mama's Little Baby

Mary Lou's Cafe

More and More of Less and Less

Most Miracles Are Made

My Heart Still Belongs to You

My Very Best Four-Legged Friend

Ride, Ride, Ride

Rise and Take a Stand

Rock 'n' Rollin'

Singing the Same Song

Solitary Road

Something to Believe

Song for My Friend Amey

Soon He'll Take Flight

Teeny Tiny House

That's It for Romance

The First Day of Spring

The Gypsy

The Other Half of Who You Are

The Pleasure of My Pain

The Power of Intention

The Tailor and the Milkmaid and the Foolish Cow

There Are Worse Things Than Death

Texas Birthday Song

This Is the Harvest

This Land Belongs to the Ones Who Belong to this Land

Trash and Treasure

Traveling Toward Christmas

Trust Your Heart to Lead You Home

Truth Cannot Be Spoken

We Can Bring About What We Sing About

Welcome the Wonder

We Will Lift You Up

World of Justice, World of Peace

You Are What You Eat

You Just Might Be Surprised

You Know It Might Be True

You Resurrect Yourself